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G-Force Pump-Action 12 Gauge Shot Gun

G-Force Pump-Action 12 Gauge

I can tell you right now, there isn’t a lot you can buy for $149 these days. So when the G-Force pump-action 12 gauge shot gun came across my desk, it was just too nice of a dangling carrot for me not take the bait. The offer came from Palmetto State Armory and was even offered with free shipping. So, tax and all, including the FFL transfer fee at my local dealer, I was had the shot gun in my possession for less than $175.

G-force 12 gauge Pump-Action

First Impressions

This shot gun is made in Turkey. I always love made in the USA products, but I have to say that over the last 5 years, Turkish shot guns have really come a long way. This one in particular was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want a hunting shot gun. I wanted a home protection machine. With the 4-shot pump 12 gauge, and an additional 5 slot storage in the butt stock, I felt like the G-force met all the details I wanted.

I love the tactical look and feel of the G-force. The ergonomic grip feels fantastic and it really helps the shot gun feel well-balanced and secure when pulled into the shoulder.

G-Force Ergonomic Grip

The butt stock ammo storage is a nice feature that I really liked. I was first a bit offset when the shells wouldn’t push in all the way, but then I realized it was like that for a reason once I brought the firearm into ready position. If you are left handed shooter, this could be an issue to look out for. However, for right handed shooters, you will love it.

Extra 5-round Ammo Storage in the Butt Stock

Another great feature of this shot gun is the forward small pic rail. I have added an Olight Baldr S laser light combo to the front. I feel like its the perfect size to not get in the way, and should light up the house well in the event the shot gun was needed for home protection. Someone could add a fore-grip if they wanted, but you would have to have some long arms to make that work. I just prefer a small light like the Olight.

Forward Small Pic Rail with Olight Baldr S

Here are the detailed specs on the shot gun itself.


Brand: G-Force

Model: GFPG

Gauge: 12 gauge

Action: Pump 

Capacity: 4 

Barrel Length: 20″

Chamber: 3″

Color: Black

Grip: Pistol

Sights: Standard

Stock: Fixed Polymer

Shooting Impressions

The G-force seemed to shot better and better the more it was shot. At first we had a few jams, but after it broke in, it ran flawlessly. We shot Wolf Ammo 12 gauge double buck and some slugs through it as well. We did lube the shotgun well with Lucas CLP and ran it pretty good. Once the shoulder got a little sore I felt the shot gun would serve its purpose well as a bedside protector.

For $149 you just can’t beat it. Ordered through Palmetto State Armory, you and pick your local FFL to ship to and they pretty much handle the rest. Its an easy process. I’d highly recommend this shot gun, if you are looking for a budget friendly protection machine.

To Order the G-force 12 gauge pump-action Shotgun CLICK HERE

To Order the Olight Baldr S Tactical Light CLICK HERE