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The Bulletin is operated by Blue August LLC. Lipsey’s is the primary sponsor of this publication, and utilizes this publication as a third-party service to showcase products and educate their customers on products offered by Lipsey’s. The editorial is conducted by third party writers and editors to help insure that all reviews and product thoughts and opinions are 100% real and unbiased.

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Harness the dealer connection SPONSORSHIP with the power of Lipsey’s Bulletin! The Bulletin is the industry’s premiere email direct newsletter publication that is distributed monthly to thousands of Lipsey’s dealers all over the country. If your company is launching new products, or you want to support your distribution network by advertising directly to the dealers that sell your product, there is no better way to do that than through the Bulletin.

Who receives the Bulletin?

Lipsey’s dealers across the United States. Lipsey’s has spent decades marketing and cultivating relationships with the top dealers in the industry. These dealers rely upon Lipsey’s for the latest in industry products, sales trends, and access to products they cannot get elsewhere. Because of these close relationships, the readership response and the open rates of Lipsey’s Bulletin far exceed industry averages. These dealers look to Lipsey’s to not only be the leader in the industry but also the expert in the field. The Bulletin helps achieve this through education and editorial content that showcases Lipsey’s products and industry innovations like never before. If your company sells products through Lipsey’s it’s a no-brainer to market your product directly to Lipsey’s customer base.

Our Staff

Content Editor: Josh Sykes
Development Editor: Chris Harless
Field Editor: Eve Flanigan
Field Editor: Terry Nelson
Field Editor: Scott Wagner
Field Editor: Kat Stevens