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Bond Arms Announces New Brew for Greater Good

Bond Arms, that little gun company from Texas, is getting into the coffee business, but it’s not quite like it sounds – it’s better. Seven or so years ago, I made the acquaintance of Gordon Bond, Co-Founder and CEO of Bond Arms, based in Granbury, Texas. Since then, I’ve had the chance to take a factory tour with other members of the media, and have put some rounds downrange with Bond Arms derringers.

Inside and out, Bond Arms has proven itself a community player. When I, as a relatively small-time player in the gun media industry, approach the Bond Arms table at SHOT Show, I’m greeted by Gordon’s big smile and called by name – from memory. This stands in contrast to many other companies. Based on having tested Bond Arms’ products, having seen the company’s happy employees who are like family with one another, and knowing that the CEO remembers my name though he doesn’t have to, I’m a big fan of the Bond Arms brand. The warmth and generosity of Bond Arms hasn’t been on hold due to the COVID-19 virus. A recent announcement on the company’s social media reads:

Since the beginning of covid we have been supporting numerous foodbanks, support ministries (helping people pay rent/utilities when needed), and different disaster relief groups that have helped with covid, hurricanes, Texas Ice Storms, and tornado’s.

We couldn’t have done that without your help!

Now, for those of you who’d like to help us with these long term help projects, and be able to help others in need with every cup of coffee you drink, we’ve got the solution!!

A Texas company called Texas Grounds in the San Antonio area has brewed us a very special blend of coffee “Double Barrel Brew” that is one of the smoothest coffee’s I’ve ever enjoyed. NO Bitterness, NO after taste, just smooth and you’ll love it.

All profits that Bond Arms makes from the sale of this coffee will be donated to these groups we support.

So, to enjoy maybe one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever had, click on the link and order yours today and feel good that you helped someone during these trying and crazy times!

The last time I chatted with Mr. Bond by phone, the emerging pandemic was turning into unexpected booming business, complete with back orders. Now that the willing and able are returning to work, in characteristic fashion, he’s created a sustainability plan for the charitable work of Bond Arms. I can’t imagine a better reason to drink Double Barrel Brew.

Story Posted and Written by Eve Flanigan