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Introducing the new Wilson Combat WCP3265

Wilson Combat WCP3265

The SIG-SAUER 365 Series is among the most reliable and safest ultra compact 9mm pistols ever designed and now Wilson Combat has made it even better with a host of our proprietary custom modifications to improve handling, shooting and optics capability. These sixteen new models of Wilson Combat Custom WCP365’s produced in our Berryville, AR facility in conjunction with SIG-Sauer are among the ultimate in a production every day carry gun.

The SIG-SAUER 365 is an outstanding self-defense choice but we have reimagined it from top to bottom with your choice of a standard or XL Wilson Combat polymer grip module that was developed for superior ergonomics and improved recoil control. Our significant improvements in shape, texture, and overall ergonomics will give your WCP365 the superb feel of an expertly hand sculpted custom gun.

The WCP365 stainless steel slide and 3.1” chromoly barrel wear the most advanced black DLC (Diamond-like-Carbon) physical vapor deposition finish available. This ultra-hard finish has chromium and tungsten underlayers for long-lasting corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Wilson Combat engineers have changed the WCP365 slide’s shape and texture to make it more tactile under stress with our exclusive X-Tac pattern cocking serrations, side top serrations and heavy slide bevels all around. We have also perfected the action of the WCP365 and in combination with a Grayguns trigger and our spring modifications we can make the excellent 365 trigger even better. Each new model will be offered standard or action-tuned for those who want the best trigger pull possible in their defensive firearm.

The Wilson Combat WCP365 can also be ordered with an optic mounting solution or your choice of direct milled option (With cover plate and rear Battlesight) for the Trijicon RMRcc, Holosun 407K or 507K, SIG Sauer Romeo Zero or Shield RMSc.

With enhanced shootability, better ergonomics and superior optics sight capability-the Wilson Combat WCP365 has taken an already legendary product to the next level of performance.

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