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MAC 1014 Shotgun: A Premier Turkish-Made Benelli M4 Clone

The MAC 1014 shotgun, imported by SDS Imports in Knoxville, TN, is a clone of the renowned Benelli M4. Yes, it is made in Turkey…however, this shotgun is a true runner…with just one exception that we will get to below.  But first, I want to explore the history of the Benelli M4 shotgun, discuss the prevalence of clones on the market, and highlight why the MAC 1014 stands out as one of the best-performing alternatives.

Introduced in 1999, the Benelli M4 shotgun quickly became a global favorite for its reliability and ruggedness. Developed by Benelli Armi SpA, an Italian firearms manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and innovation, the Benelli M4 was initially created to meet the rigorous requirements of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Joint Service Combat Shotgun program. Successfully passing the demanding tests, it earned its place as the preferred combat shotgun for the Marines.

The MAC 1014 Imported by SDS Imports

The MAC 1014 retains the core specifications and features of the Benelli M4, ensuring a familiar and reliable shooting experience. The 18.5″ barrel strikes a balance between maneuverability and accuracy, ideal for close-quarters combat. The lightweight polymer stock contributes to ease of handling while maintaining durability.

An impressive attribute of the MAC 1014 is its compatibility with the Benelli M4. With 98% fully interchangeable parts, users can rely on the familiarity and reliability of the original design. This interchangeability allows for ease of maintenance and accessibility to spare parts, ensuring the longevity and dependability of the MAC 1014.

Hard to tell the MAC 1014 apart form the Original Benelli M4

While the market is flooded with various clones of the Benelli M4, the MAC 1014 stands out for its exceptional performance. Many of the other models in this category seemed to suffer from gas piston issues, I feel like the MAC 1014 has solved some of these problems. Extensive testing has revealed that this shotgun reliably cycles heavy loads such as buckshot and slugs, demonstrating its suitability for tactical applications. However, it is worth noting that the MAC 1014 may encounter challenges with lightweight target load shells due to their insufficient energy to fully cycle the action. I really want to specify this. If you buy lightweight target loads, you will think something is wrong with this shotgun. If you buy heavy loads it will run like butter.

The MAC 1014 shotgun stands as a top-performing alternative to some of its predecessors in my opinion. While there are numerous clones of the Benelli M4 available, the MAC 1014 stands out for its exceptional performance, compatibility with the original design, and ease of access to spare parts. As one of the best-performing clones tested, the MAC 1014 shotgun embodies the spirit of the Benelli M4 while offering its own unique advantages…Price. If you want a Benelli M4 you had better be willing to drop $1500 plus, but the MAC 1014 has an MSRP of just $562.

I tested the MAC 1014 with two types of ammunition. Wolf 00 buckshot and Winchester Light Weight Target loads. I wanted to use low-cost shells because this is a low-budget shotgun. In testing the Wolf buckshot, the shotgun ate everything I could put in it. Cycled smoothly and was a pleasure to shoot. The large adjustable sights zeroed on the target well, and the shotgun was super effective. When I moved the target loads…it failed to eject every single round. After going through these three or four times, I determined that the failure has to be caused by low gas. The lightweight loads just do not produce enough gas to cycle the pins to push the bolt all the way back.

Shooting the MAC 1014
Wolf Power Buckshot Performed Great in the MAC1014

While the MAC 1014 may face limitations with lightweight target load shells, its ability to excel with heavy loads such as buckshot and slugs makes it a reliable choice for those seeking a potent semi-automatic shotgun. By leveraging the gas-operated system inherited from the Benelli M4, the MAC 1014 delivers consistent and dependable cycling with ammunition that generates sufficient recoil.

The adjustable sights on the MAC 1014 are very good and easy to see!

The Turks are truly capable of making a fine shotgun, and they have done so here. This in mind, coupled with the expertise of SDS Imports in importing quality firearms, ensures that you can trust in the craftsmanship and performance of this shotgun. With its 12 gauge 3″ chamber, 18.5″ barrel, and 5+1 capacity, the MAC 1014 is well-equipped to handle a variety of tactical situations.

The MAC 1014 shotgun does stand out among the array of Benelli M4 clones on the market. Manufactured in Turkey with an unwavering dedication to quality, this firearm demonstrates impressive compatibility with the original design and exceptional performance with heavy loads. Whether engaged in tactical operations or seeking a reliable shotgun for personal defense, the MAC 1014 proves to be a formidable and versatile choice, and one I would recommend…with the right ammo.

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