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Lipsey’s Hot Products to See at Shot Show 2024!

The year 2024 is going to be a great one! Shot Show brings lots of new products and opportunities in 2024 like never before. We want to share with you our Top 5 hot products for Shot Show 2024 direct from Lipsey’s!

1. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Carbo Blue

Desert Eagle Carbo Blue

Introducing the Carbo Blue Desert Eagle from Magnum Research: Where Elegance Meets Magnum Force!

The Carbo Blue Desert Eagle is a firearm as captivating as it is powerful. This masterpiece is not just a tool; it’s a bold statement, a fusion of raw firepower and breathtaking aesthetics. Finished in vibrant blue, accented with gleaming titanium gold, the Carbo Blue Desert Eagle commands attention from every angle. Beneath its stunning exterior lies magnum power. Chambered in the legendary .50 AE, the Carbo Blue Desert Eagle packs a punch that demands respect. Thanks to its innovative design, this magnum force is surprisingly comfortable to handle. The 6-inch barrel and integrated muzzle brake work in harmony to tame the recoil, while black rubber grips and titanium gold combat sights ensure precision control.  The picatinny style rails stand ready to accommodate optics and accessories. Every Carbo Blue Desert Eagle is crafted with meticulous precision using state-of-the-art technology, making it a pinnacle in firearms engineering. This is not just a tool; it’s an icon of American gunmaking.

MODEL: DE50CBG | MSRP: $2,621


Caliber: .50AE
Barrel: 6”
Length O/A: 10.75”
Height: 6.25”
Slide Width: 1.25”
Weight: 4 lbs. 7 oz.
Sights: Titanium Gold Plated Combat Type, Fixed
Finish: Carbo Blue PVD
Magazine: 7 round

2. Diamondback’s SDR Revolver

The SDR (Self Defense Revolver) .357 revolver is the ultimate ally in self-defense, combining reliability, concealability, and confidence into one powerful and compact package. The SDR makes the perfect companion in any situation and with a budget friendly MSRP of just $777, the Diamondback SDR is sure to be a popular choice for first-time gun owners and firearms enthusiast alike.

All new Diamondback SDR Revolver

Designed for those who prioritize reliability and quality, the SDR delivers peace of mind to home and personal defense situations. The SDR’s compact frame, two-inch barrel and six shot cylinder are machined from premium stainless steel for strength and durability.

Low profile sights and a sleek frame with concealed hardware and rounded edges prevent snags and hang-ups when the revolver is drawn. Weighing in at just 21 ounces, this compact package is perfect for concealed carry.

An exceptionally smooth trigger and high-vis fiber optic sights promote accuracy and create confidence in every shot, while an ergonomically placed push button cylinder release and chamfered cylinder chambers ensure seamless loading and round ejection.

The SDR will be unveiled and showcased during the 2024 Shot Show Media Range Day and is expected to begin reaching dealer shelves in Q2 of 2024. Place your order for the SDR today!



Calber: .357 Mag / .38 Special +P
Frame Material: Forged Stainless Steel
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Barrel Length: 2in
Weight: 21.20 oz

3. Magnum Research 360 BFR

Magnum Research 360 Buckhammer

Hunt Farther, Hit Harder, with the BFR in .360 Buckhammer!

Magnum Research proudly announces the first handgun to embrace the revolutionary Remington .360 Buckhammer cartridge! This power couple redefines long-range hunting, pushing performance boundaries with every shot. The .360 Buckhammer is Remington’s innovative cartridge delivering devastating drops and unmatched ballistic performance. Its high-quality components, including a Core-Lokt bullet, guarantee reliable ignition and controlled expansion, making it the ultimate straight-wall hunting partner. The Magnum Research Biggest Finest Revolver is a handgun hunting legend. No challenge is too big for this icon. Its 10-inch barrel harnesses the .360 Buckhammer’s power, unleashing pinpoint accuracy at extended ranges. Plow handle grips tame the recoil, making every shot comfortable and controlled. The rugged stainless steel finish stands up to any terrain, ensuring your BFR is always ready for adventure. The .360 Buckhammer BFR is the ultimate platform for your back country expedition, no matter how far the hunt takes you!

MODEL: BFR360 | MSRP: $1,528


Caliber: .360 Buckhammer
Barrel: 10”
Length O/A: 17.5”
Height: 6”
Weight: 4.9 lbs.
Sights: Factory Black Fixed Front / Rear Adjustable
Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel Construction
Shots: 6

4. Smith and Wesson Ultimate Carry J-frame

The Lipsey’s exclusive Smith and Wesson Ultimate Carry J-Frame can be purchased in two different calibers and versions. The Stainless with Black and Grey VZ 10 Grips model and the Black Model with Cherry VZ 10 Grips, both come in in .32 H&R Magnum or .38 Special.

Packed with features, these revolvers are built for ultimate conceal carry and can only be dealer purchased through Lipsey’s!

Download J-Frame Sales Sheet


  • 5-Shot 38 Special +P
  • 6-Shot 32 H&R Magnum (also fires 32 S&W Long & 32 S&W)
  • No lock Airweight aluminum frame
  • All models weigh 16 oz.
  • XS Tritium front sight w/ green ring pinned to the barrel ramp
  • Black serrated U-notch rear sight dovetailed into the top strap
  • 38 Special sights are regulated at 15-yards w/ Speer 135 gr. Gold Dot +P in addition to standard pressure 148 gr. Wadcutter loads
  • 32 H&R Magnums sights are regulated at 15-yards w/ Federal 85 gr. JHP in addition to 100 gr. weight ammo traveling 800 fps like the Buffalo Bore 32 S&W Long offering
  • VZ G10 UC grip covers back strap for better firing grip
  • Left side of grip relieved for speed loader use
  • Grip bottom is flush cut for maximum concealment
  • “High Horn” style goes to the top of the backstrap for a higher grip and to reduce recoil in the web of the hand
  • Optimized hammer & trigger geometry and springs for a lighter, smoother trigger pull
  • Chamfered charge holes for ease of loading
  • Beveled cylinder front edge for smoother holstering
  • “Endurance Package” upgrades include titanium pins for improved performance and durability for extensive firing



Contact your Lipsey’s Representative for Pricing.

5. Hi-Point 995TS Carbine

The Hi-Point 995TS Carbine stands as a testament to reliability and affordability in the realm of 9mm carbines. As part of the Hi-Point® Firearms family, this carbine is +P rated, accepting all factory ammunition and ensuring versatility in its performance.

One notable feature is the threaded 1/2 x 28 barrel, a standard inclusion that allows users to customize their shooting experience. The convenience of the thumb magazine release enhances quick and efficient reloading, complemented by the 10-round magazine (not interchangeable with C9) and the last round lock open mechanism.

Designed for all-weather use, the carbine boasts a polymer skeletonized stock that combines durability with lightweight maneuverability. The internal recoil buffer in the stock further enhances stability, contributing to the firearm’s overall accuracy. Additionally, the Hi-Point 995TS is crafted with 100% American-made parts and assembly, ensuring a commitment to quality.

The inclusion of a FREE trigger lock, sling, and swivels adds value to the package, providing users with essential accessories for safe storage and ease of carry. The fully adjustable sights, featuring a rear peep and post front, offer customization for improved targeting, while the manual safety ensures an added layer of control.

For enhanced versatility, the carbine is equipped with Picatinny rails, allowing users to attach various accessories to suit their preferences. The Model 995 19″ variant is available in both the United States and Canada, with the Canadian version shipping with a 5-round magazine to comply with regulations.

For those desiring extended magazine capacity, the Redball Sports 20-round magazine is available separately. In summary, the Hi-Point 995TS Carbine combines practical features, American craftsmanship, and an affordable price point, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts and shooters alike.

MODEL: 995TS | MSRP: $339


Barrel length: 16.5″ or 19″
Weight: 6.25 lbs.
Capacity: 10-shot magazine standard
Overall length: 31″ or 34″
Sights: Fully-adjustable
Stock: All-weather, black or hydro-dipped molded polymer depending on model

For more information on these products, contact your Lipsey’s representative today or visit www.lipseys.com