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American Tactical’s Backpack Nomad Shotgun!

The American Tactical Nomad Shotgun, manufactured by Torun, is a versatile and reliable break-action shotgun. Available with black furniture or the new tan, this shotgun is sure to catch the eye of any hunting or shooting enthusiast; furthermore, they can be purchased in .410, 20 gauge or 12 gauge.

The American Tactical Nomad Shotgun series are a compact and lightweight option for hunting in tight spaces or for shooting sports where mobility is key. The barrel is finished in a classic blued finish, adding to the shotgun’s overall aesthetic appeal. The black or tan synthetic stock provides a comfortable and secure grip, and is designed in the classic field style. The stock is also equipped with a recoil pad, making it easier to handle the shotgun’s kick and helping to reduce felt recoil.

ATI Nomad tan and in 20 gauge

Despite its compact size, the American Tactical Nomad Shotgun is capable of handling 3 inch shells, making it suitable for hunting a wide range of game. The shotgun does not come with internal choke tubes, but it does have swivel studs for attaching a sling, making it easier to carry on long hunts. The metal finish on this shotgun is blued, giving it a sleek and stylish look that will surely turn heads at the shooting range.

We tested the 20 gauge version with Remington Turkey Lead shot and the Nomad performed flawlessly. There are not a lot of frills or bells and whistles with the Nomad, but for such a low price point and the ability to back it and carry it just about anywhere, these shotguns are a must add to any collection.

The Nomad Shot Gun Easily Fits in a Full Size Backpack

In terms of handling, the American Tactical Nomad Shotgun is well-balanced and easy to aim, making it a great choice for new shooters or those who prefer a lighter shotgun. The checkering on the stock provides a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring that the shotgun stays steady in your hands even during fast-paced shooting scenarios. The compact size of the shotgun also makes it an ideal choice for hunting in tight spaces, such as dense forests or narrow canyons.

The Shotguns pack a punch…not going to lie about that. You need to tuck the butt-stock in firm against your shoulder and hold on. However, this is what is expected from a shotgun, especially a single shot. All in all, the Nomad line shoots well and does what it is supposed to do, especially for the price point.

Front Bead Sights for Easy Target Acquisition

The Nomad, is a versatile and reliable shotgun and is suitable for a wide range of hunting and shooting activities. Its compact size, comfortable grip, and versatility make it an excellent choice for hunters, sport shooters, and anyone looking for a dependable shotgun. Whether you’re out in the field or at the shooting range, the American Tactical Nomad Shotgun is sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable shooting experience.

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